Decentralized Platform

You are in control

Peernet is completely decentralized. This prevents censorship and restrictions. The entire network is operated by equal peers.

Intermediaries such as YouTube and Twitter are not needed to share data.


Access and publish content you like

Peernet Browser

Users connect directly to each other via the peer-to-peer network. The Peernet Browser does all the magic: search, download and share content.

The browser supports ebooks, videos, images, documents, and music.

Data Ownership

Discover and consume content

Your files are published via your personal blockchain, and only you have the private key to alter it. The decentralized search engine allows you to discover content shared by other peers on their blockchain.

Tech: Behind the scenes, Peernet is made possible via the Peernet Protocol, specified in the Whitepaper.

Join the Peernet network and start sharing

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